For students and personnel at educational establishments, automatic doors can increase safety and security. You want to feel secure in your surroundings wherever you are, especially in the educational system. All pupils must feel safe and secure in their schools, but especially the youngest ones. Give parents, teachers, and kids the serenity they require for a successful school year. Numerous automated door models are perfect for educational establishments. If you are searching for an automatic door Dubai, there are many solutions available for your school building, whether you need more security, fire protection, fire door inspections, access control, accessibility, or touchless technology.

Easy Access for the Disabled

Automatic doors enable schools to abide by the Disability Discrimination Act by making it easier for people who have difficulty pushing and tugging on manual doors to access the school building, classrooms, and toilets. Anyone who needs a wheelchair, walker, or crutches may travel about the facility more easily thanks to touchless technology and automated doors. Additionally, it makes it easier for staff members and students to travel throughout the facility while carrying heavy loads like textbooks, instruments, or athletic goods. Revolving doors offer plenty of room and make accessing entrances for those with mobility impairments considerably simpler.

School Safety – Security Threats and Fire Doors

Sadly, in recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about school safety. Horizontal, accordion-folding fire and security doors provide schools items to defend against fires and intrusions, making a school a safer place for students, instructors, and staff. With the following extra advantages, these doors can deter burglars in their tracks:

  1. Access Controls – At the touch of a button, access is restricted after hours or during an emergency. Connects to external peripheral devices such as a keypad, a card reader, or an authentication device for fingerprints. Keeps undesirable visitors out and blocks sight lines.
  1. High-speed closing options – enable a safe and secure pathway while still satisfying ADA criteria and compartmentalizing and hardening buildings in a matter of seconds. With the press of a button or an automatic door slider, you may close and lock hallways.
  1. Fire Protection – Horizontal sliding door that is fire-rated. The doors promote traffic flow and facilitate egress while offering fire protection. Engineers at Won-Door continue to have an impact on the building goods and fire prevention sectors.
  1. Cost Effective – Enables security on fire doors while reducing expenses. The leasable area is increased, existing systems are integrated, expensive fire-rated glass is replaced, maintenance expenses are reduced, and larger, more open rooms are provided for less.
  1. Accessibility- With choices from BMTS for revolving, sliding, folding, and touchless doors, there is no shortage of accessibility with a variety of door styles. All students on school property, from the smallest kindergarteners with slightly too-large backpacks to disinterested high schoolers holding their phones in their hands, benefit from these goods.
  2. Aesthetically Pleasing

Replace obsolete or difficult-to-operate doors with gorgeous, contemporary automated doors to keep your schools looking modern and up-to-date.

Industrial and residential doors, gates, shutters, and barriers have been designed, manufactured, and installed for many years by BMTS folding and automated doors. The BMTS brand has developed into an industry symbol that represents inventiveness and brilliance in engineering. We offer convenience and access to goods to companies, residences, and industries throughout the world. We also work with automatic close-door Sharjah. We modify both our company strategy and goods to meet the demands of the global market.

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