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    With automatic sliding doors, you combine access for all and a great variety of functions with elegant door design. They provide comfortable access with the highest security standards for users. Our automatic sliding door systems are exceptionally slim. Despite this, the door drives are quite a force and move large and heavy automatic sliding doors. The result is discreet and sophisticated automatic sliding door systems made of glass, for example for elegant foyers. Our programmed also includes real power packages and economic solutions.

    The automatic door slider functions as a unique response to the needs of modern living. Because of the incorporated soft motion technology, it operates very quietly and provides a high degree of safety. If manual operation is too complicated or challenging, swing door systems make passing through a door easier. When there is a lack of room, telescoping doors are quite useful. Telescopic sliding doors allow you to increase the clear door opening by adding an extra sliding door active leaf, which is very useful in small areas.

    BMTS specialized in marketing, installation, and maintenance of automatic doors Dubai. All of our products, including a series of automatic sliding doors or automatic door sliders are custom designed, forged, and manufactured to meet the needs of individual clients and projects.

    Automatic sliding doorsAutomatic Door Sliders are a high-performance entrance system, which offers a variety of options and is equipped with sensor systems that comply with the standards to promote reduced liability, and increased safety is the perfect solution to complement entrance. It is the best option for all applications using a standard automatic sliding door system.

    Automatic Sliding Door System - BMTS Automatic Doors

    Advantages Of Automatic Sliding Doors

    • Pvc and aluminum-based automatic sliding door openers offer a creative solution that helps to decrease the need for the area.
    • To attach to the sliding mechanism, the electrical module is separated from the mechanical component.
    • Simple battery group removal
    • On the back side of the main beam, all cables are secured.
    • Sturdy single carriage with retractable wheels integrated anti-derailment system, and main beam the sliding profile’s boundaries
    • The easily accessible control module doesn’t need to disable the entire automation

    Automatic swing door – Automatic sliding door opener or the swing door drives’ unwavering dependability and safety go hand in hand with their clean, contemporary form. The sewing operator may be mounted to a transom header comprised of two standard series frames joined together thanks to its modest height of just 80mm. As a typical feature, the operator has circuitry built in to control electric locking devices. These include electronic lock latch keeper sets and magnetic locks. The door offers an option for an uninterrupted power supply (ups) battery reserve backup to provide continued security while the door is locked and fire exit compliance. This optional additional enables the doorway to be as smooth as feasible and responsive to card read or fire alarm systems.


    • Streamlined style
    • Designed to adhere to uae standards
    • Optional high-security locks
    • Function “push n go”
    • Option for ups battery backup
    • Energy-efficient with little electricity use
    • Unobtrusive action

    Revolving doors: revolving doors create a statement at your entrance, whether they are large, little, or both. The most energy-efficient entry options now available are revolving doors or bifold automatic doors. A revolving door’s always-open, always-closed design guarantees that the conditioned inside air and the unconditioned exterior air remain distinct, keeping draughts, dust, and noise from entering the structure. Revolving doors reduce the energy needed to maintain the regulated atmosphere within a structure, helping to reduce its carbon impact. This lowers energy costs as well as consumption.

    BMTS Folding & automatic doors is one of the leading businesses, established in the UAE, with the sole purpose and objective to provide the best and most reliable sales & service support in the field of doors/gates automation in the UAE. You have come to the correct place whether you’re seeking rotating doors, swing doors, or sliding doors with manual or automatic sliding doors. Our success is attributed to our people and their dedication to achieving results the right way through operating responsibly, executing with excellence, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, and seizing new opportunities for profitable growth. So if you are looking for automatic door sliders, automatic sliding doors, automatic sliding door openers or you can say automatic sliding door system; contact us right away.