Automatic Sliding Door System

Automatic door slider have become incredibly popular in public buildings and commercial spaces across Dubai due to their accessibility features. These doors can open and close automatically, eliminating manual operation for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities and providing convenient solutions. In this article we’ll examine how automatic door sliders improve accessibility within public buildings and commercial spaces in Dubai.

Enhanced Mobility

Automatic door sliders are designed to offer enhanced mobility to people who have difficulty opening or closing doors, such as people with mobility issues, the elderly and people living with disabilities. Operated via push button or sensor technology, these doors make entering and exiting buildings easier for people with limited mobility that cannot rely on others for assistance.

Automatic Door Sliders Provide Increased Safety

Automatic door sliders enhance public buildings and commercial spaces by offering increased safety. They are Equipped with features that prevent them from closing on people or objects, reducing accidents and injuries. Sensors within these doors detect any obstruction in their doorway and won’t close until that obstruction has been cleared away – this ensures people and objects do not become trapped or crushed under closing doors, making automatic sliders safer options than manual ones.

Ease of Use

Automatic door sliders are also much simpler and simpler than manual ones to use, offering convenience to people who may have their hands full such as parents with strollers or those carrying packages. Push buttons, remote controls, or sensors allow operation – perfect for parents pushing strollers or individuals carrying packages who find turning door handles cumbersome or impossible. In addition, these doors also make life simpler for individuals who struggle with grasping handles by offering an effortless opening/closing mechanism.

Door Sliding Dubai

Improve Accessibility Compliance

Automatic door sliders comply with accessibility regulations, making them essential in many public buildings and commercial spaces in Dubai. These regulations ensure that buildings are accessible to those with disabilities or mobility issues – including wheelchair users and individuals with visual or hearing impairments – by installing automatic door sliders building owners can ensure their buildings meet these regulations while offering equal access for all.

Space-Saving Design

Automatic Door Sliders Offer Space-Saving Solutions Automatic door sliders feature space-saving designs, making them an excellent solution for buildings with limited floor space. These doors slide open and shut without taking up valuable floor space with swinging doors – this feature makes these door sliders especially beneficial in narrow hallways or corridors where traditional doors would be difficult to maneuver.


Automatic door sliders bring many advantages to public buildings and commercial spaces in Dubai, including increased mobility, enhanced safety, ease of use, compliance with accessibility regulations and space savings design. At BMTS Folding & Automatic Doors we offer an assortment of automatic door sliders suitable for public and commercial buildings including Door Sliding Dubai, Doors Sliding Interior with customizable options – contact us now to learn more about how our products and services can improve accessibility in your building!   

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