Aluminium doors are incredibly strong and equipped with cutting-edge hardware and mechanisms for simple operation and weather protection. This raises the issue of how to install aluminium while ensuring efficient handling. For various styles of aluminium glass doors, there are several installation procedures. Here are three types of aluminium doors and how they are installed.

  • Bi-Fold Doors

The top and bottom frames of the bi-fold doors are made of aluminium, and the sashes must be taken out before installation. An instruction manual includes:

  1. The door frame should be fixed in place using the proper fasteners. Place the fasteners in between the frame and the brickwork for sufficient security and stability.
  2. Before correctly installing the fixings, use silicone sealant to coat the pre-drilled holes on the frame sill. This lessens the likelihood of water leaking into your house.
  3. The frame jambs come next in the process. Make sure they are vertically fastened to the door frame.
  4. Make sure the frame head is parallel to the ground and secure it in place.
  5. Verify that your door has identical measures on both sides by measuring it diagonally.
  6. The sashes that you took out at the start of installation should be replaced.
  7. To ensure that the top rollers remain in touch with the track that enables the doors to fold, adjust them.
  • Sliding Doors

Sliding action causes sliding doors to open horizontally. We also provide a variety of auto-close door at BMTS. Aluminum sliding doors are preferred by homeowners because they increase ventilation throughout the house, which can save heating costs.

General installation instructions include:

  1. To make sure your sliding door tracks fit in your door opening, you must first measure their size.
  2. Place your sliding doors in the proper arrangement. This is crucial since placing your doors improperly might make them less functional. The doors must often be overlapped for the proper configuration. We advise you to find the rear entrance first.
  3. To attach your door to the top track, tilt it.
  4. Straighten the door after inserting it into the top track so that it is in the bottom grooves.
  5. Test the door’s range of motion to make sure it is correctly engaged. If not, you must unhook the top track by removing the door. For other doors, repeat this method.
  6. Make sure your doors are plumb to the side doors to ensure proper alignment. Plumb denotes the presence of a straight vertical line. Each door’s height angle may be changed by repositioning the bottom wheels as appropriate.
  7. Use clips to hold your doors in place.
  • Tilt And Slide Doors

Aluminium tilt and slide doors are unusual installations that combine a tilt mechanism with a sliding door design. More functionality and sealing are made possible by them.

The basic installation process involves:

  1. Insert two-strap anchors into the frame’s top, bottom, and sides.
  2. Put silicone sealant where the two frames of the door connect at the top and bottom.
  3. Apply silicone sealant to the door frames to install H-bars.
  4. Glue the two door frames together.
  5. Install the bottom track using the supplied screws after removing the sash from the frame.
  6. Onto the upper track, slide the scissor stay. As a result, the door may now open tilting.
  7. The top track should be installed and secured with the top track cover.
  8. Replace the sash, then insert the top track and the scissors remain.
  9. To keep the top track in place, install the end cap.

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