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Mesh screens are essential to any home in Dubai for protecting against insects and pests, yet choosing which is the most appropriate can be confusing. We’ll compare two popular varieties: magnetic mesh screens in Dubai and traditional mesh screens – helping you make an informed decision as to which will best fit into your space.

Traditional Mesh Screens

Traditional mesh screens are the most widely utilized form of insect protection mesh screens. Constructed of aluminum or fiberglass material, traditional mesh screens come in a range of mesh sizes for increased insect protection – smaller mesh sizes provide better coverage against small insects. When installed to the frame of a window or door frame using screws, clips, or adhesive, traditional mesh screens become part of everyday life.

  • Benefits of Traditional Mesh Screens

Traditional mesh screens are widely available and typically more affordable than their magnetic counterparts. Installing and maintaining them is relatively straightforward, and they’re durable enough to withstand Dubai’s demanding climate conditions.

  • Disadvantages of Traditional Mesh Screens

Traditional mesh screens present several disadvantages that make cleaning and maintenance cumbersome, including their inaccessibility which requires regular dusting as they accumulate dust and dirt, creating an environment for germs and bacteria growth. Furthermore, traditional mesh screens may obstruct natural light which could compromise the overall room ambience.

Magnetic Mesh Screens

Magnetic mesh screens have become increasingly popular in Dubai in recent years. Crafted from high-grade mesh fabric and held securely by magnetic strips attached around a window or door frame perimeter, magnetic mesh screens can easily be removed and stored away when not required.

  • Magnetic Mesh Screens Have Many Advantages

One of the main advantages of magnetic mesh screens is their easy installation and removal process, making them perfect for homes requiring frequent cleaning. They’re also relatively unobtrusive as they don’t impede views or natural light flow – not to mention not needing screws or fittings that could potentially damage windows or door frames!

  • Disadvantages of Magnetic Mesh Screens (MMSs)

Magnetic mesh screens may be more costly than their traditional counterparts and require a smooth surface for their magnetic strips to stick securely, which could be problematic with older or poorly maintained window and door frames. Furthermore, the magnetic strips could become worn over time which would reduce overall screen performance.

Mesh Work Dubai

Which Home Type Should Be Preferred in Dubai?

Ultimately, choosing between magnetic mesh screens or traditional mesh screens depends on individual preferences and requirements, with traditional mesh screens providing tried-and-tested protection for most homes while modern magnetic mesh screens offer more convenient protection options.


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