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Mesh Works Dubai are growing increasingly popular in the UAE due to the high security and convenience of mesh system for doors in Dubai, UAE. They have been designed to be strong, reliable, and effective at protecting homes and businesses from unwanted at protecting homes and businesses from unwanted intruders.


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    In Mesh Works Dubai, the most successful mesh system is the mesh system for doors. Both these products move sideways horizontally on the bottom track or bottom guide strip. Barrier-free pleated mesh is basically used in doors without thresholds. Using a guide strip of a thickness of 25 mm, the caterpillar chain mechanism moves smoothly. The mesh used in barrier-free is 20 mm thus reducing stacking space. Supreme Pleated mosquito net has a 25 mm bottom track which has this section to support a weight of 200 kg per person. The vertical side rail has a male magnetic strip which locks with a female magnetic strip fixed in the pulling rail. The plisse polyester mesh has 20 x 20 holes which is the best in India among all meshes. Sliding doors, casement doors, french doors & lift, and slide doors can all be fitted with mesh works dubai. As mentioned earlier, a pleated mosquito net is the best solution for doors.

    Tired of opening and closing mesh screens that are ripped and broken?

    BMTS has unveiled a selection of attractive and useful retractable mesh system for doors. They offer the ideal answer for nearly all villas and apartments in Dubai and the rest of the UAE thanks to their contemporary design. They are made to last a long time because of their durable aluminum frame and changeable polyester mesh screen.

    We provide the following mesh works dubai for your doors and windows

    For hinges doors:  We adopt the single sliding pleated screen option for the majority of hinged doors. This screen has an aluminum frame that blends in seamlessly with the door jamb already there. The mesh screen is concealed to the side of the frame when not in use. Simply slide the mesh over the width of the door to engage it; a magnet will hold it in place.

    For French doors: We advise using a double sliding pleated screen for French double-leaf doors. This screen makes use of two mesh panels, one for each side of the frame. The mesh of the screen is linked in the center by a magnet and slid out of each side to be used. This is a fantastic choice that enables you to keep an entirely unhindered view while still offering complete bug protection while the French doors are open.

    For sliding doors:  Our pleated mesh screens are the ideal solution to keep pests out of your house since they are stylish, affordable, and modern. The pleated screen is positioned on the opposite side of the glass on sliding doors to keep it out of the way. The screen frame blends in with the original door frame’s color to keep it out of sight. The screen can easily move over the entrance to provide complete insect protection when necessary.

    Hinged insect screen: The hinged insect screen, often known as a mosquito mesh door, is a popular mosquito, fly, and bug protection tool used by people all over the world. The door may be equipped with an extra-strong pet-proof mesh and a key-locking handle, making it ideal for garage and kitchen entries. Themesh door for the main door can be made to meet your exact specifications and is available as a single or double-leaf French door.

    Bi-Fold and Large Openings:  The French door, frameless bifold doors, stacker, and standard hinged door pleated mesh screen for doors is the ideal answer. Each screen is manufactured specifically to match the style of your door opening, and we carefully evaluate the best installation technique to guarantee flawless mesh works Dubai.

    Our mesh screen for windows and doors has been putting into practice methods based on advice from government agencies to assist prevent the spread of sickness and infections with the safety of our clients and employees being our top priority. The knowledgeable staff at BMTS Folding & Automatic Doors is prepared to address any of your inquiries, whether they relate to goods, trials, price, the need for a demo, or anything else.