Frameless Telescopic Door

The sleek, space-saving design of the frameless telescopic systems has made them increasingly popular in the industrial and commercial sectors. BMTS Frameless Telescopic System is a popular choice among these systems for companies looking to maximize functionality, durability, and aesthetics. This guide will examine the most important factors you should consider before choosing the best Frameless Telescopic Door systems for your company, highlighting the benefits of the BMTS System.

Frameless Telescopic Door

Understanding Frameless Telescopic Systems   

Telescopic systems without frames, also known as sliding doors or telescopic, offer innovative ways to maximize space and maintain an attractive appearance. The systems are made up of sliding panels that stack on top of each other to create a large opening. This eliminates the requirement for traditional swinging doors. This concept is taken to a new level with the BMTS frameless Telescopic System, which offers unique benefits and features.

 1. Dimensions  

When choosing a frameless system, the first thing to take into consideration is space. Be sure to measure the space available for installation. The BMTS is a versatile system that can be tailored to various sizes, which makes it ideal for companies with different spatial restrictions. BMTS is scalable to fit your requirements, whether you run a boutique or a warehouse.

 2. Design and aesthetics  

Commercial spaces are dominated by aesthetics. The sleek, modern look of the frameless telescopic system is well known. BMTS goes one step further, with its sleek design and minimalist hardware. The system is compatible with a variety of interior and architectural designs. It enhances the look of any business.

 3. Durability and security  

Security is a priority in a professional environment. The BMTS Frameless Telescopic System has been constructed from high-quality materials to ensure durability and robustness. The system is equipped with locking mechanisms that provide the level of security required by your business. BMTS can help you protect your sensitive data or valuable assets.

 4. Traffic flow and accessibility  

Take into consideration the accessibility requirements and traffic flow in your business. Telescopic frameless systems provide an ideal entrance for areas with high traffic because they offer a large and smooth opening. BMTS provides customizable configurations. You can choose how many panels you want and the direction they stack. This allows for optimal traffic flow.

 5. Energies Efficiency 

Modern businesses are concerned with efficiency. The BMTS System features energy-efficient components that help to maintain indoor temperature and reduce energy costs. It contributes to an eco-friendly and comfortable environment by minimizing heat and draft transfer.

 6. Easy Maintenance  

Easy to use and maintain, a frameless telescopic should. BMTS was designed to be user-friendly, with smooth and effortless operation. Its low-maintenance construction also ensures it stays in perfect condition even with little upkeep.

 7. Regulations  

Make sure that you are choosing a frameless system that complies with local safety and regulations. BMTS meets international safety standards, so you can be assured of legal compliance and peace of mind.

Frameless Telescopic Door


The right Telescopic Sliding Doors System is crucial for aesthetics, security, and functionality. With its unique design, high durability, and customizable features, the BMTS Frameless Telescopic System is an ideal choice for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. You can improve the aesthetics and efficiency of your office by carefully evaluating your needs and preferences in terms of space, design, energy efficiency, and security. Investing in your future with the BMTS frameless telescopic system will allow you to enjoy the advantages of modern technology.

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