Ultra Slim minimal sliding system


    SSL75 Minimal sliding system

    In this exquisite ‘floor to ceiling series’ the aluminium window frame and sash have been significantly reduced & have been crafted in a minimal design to lessen the number of visible frames and sash. This maximises the spans and openings of rooms to light and landscape and the windows transform into a large panoramic view. Regardless of the typology or design, SSL75 Minislim series offers double glazing as standard making this a system which is a culmination of the widely employed modern design concept, ensuring maximum transparency and excellent performance using the latest and most advanced technology.

    This series made from high-performance aluminium can endure heavy wind loads & ensures safety even when subjected to severe weather conditions.

    Technical Characteristics

    Visible aluminium face width 20mm
    Frame height 50mm
    Frame width 125mm
    Sash height 45m / 19mm
    Sash width 43mm
    Interlocking profile width 20mm
    Roller weight capacity 400kg
    Glazing 38mm
    Thermal Break Technofoam

    Living rooms are made open and bright thanks to the minimal sliding doors and windows system. thanks to practically frameless profiles and flat base features. These are premium lifestyle choices rather than only items. These very sought-after goods are only offered by BMTS folding and automated doors in Dubai and Sharjah.

    Advantages of our slim aluminium sliding doors

    • Minimal Sight Lines: Focus on the scenery rather than the equipment. The design objective of your home is preserved by the frames and sashes we choose.
    • Enormous Glass Door Sizes: The glass can span spaces that are impractical for others because of its industry-leading massive glass size. Your creativity is your only constraint. Need some inspiration? Check out our website.
    • Effortless Sliding Movement:  Our sliding glass doors are almost painless to use thanks to carefully thought-out design and precision-engineered hardware. Experience the distinction with BMTS doors.


    • This system has been certified as a high-security sliding glass door, making it ideal for both domestic and commercial installations.
    • Testing was done on sliding doors with two panes or less in a sliding over the fixed arrangement for systems up to 2636 mm in height.
    • The thin-framed slider has passed all necessary tests for sound insulation, thermal performance, weather tightness, and security.
    • To guarantee thorough performance data was collected, all testing was done at reputable institutions.

    The extremely narrow sightlines of the slim sliding doors system provide modern architectural ideas with a stunningly minimalistic appearance. To lend a touch of style and elegance to any project, these attractive frames may be produced as expensive exterior glass sliding doors, pivoting doors, or vertical sash windows. The ability to conceal the outer frames inside the wall and ceiling finishes to improve the minimalistic appeal is one of the key features of the slim frame sliding doors system. To fulfill the design needs of any project, a variety of colors of powder coating may be applied to the aluminium frame.

    Ultra slim bifold doors – Bi-folding doors provide a contemporary, high-quality choice appropriate for wide openings and lengthy elevations of sliding folding glass if you wish to open up to 90% of your elevation. Without a limit on the number of bi-folding panes, the slim-framed aluminium bi-folding doors can be constructed in a variety of combinations, including bi-parting and corner opening arrangements. For contemporary living spaces or locations where the inside and outside are to be combined, these small bifold doors are a popular choice. The blending of inside and out requires slim square framing and a floor finish that is flush from inside to outside.

    Our stylish sliding glass door, allows you to take in the scenery. By seamlessly combining the interior and outside, BMTS produces inspiring surroundings that improve the views and the appeal of your area. We are the market leaders in Dubai and Sharjah for ultra slim sliding doors.