What Are the Benefits of Automatic Sliding Door Openers for Commercial Buildings - BMTS

Automatic sliding door system has become increasingly popular in commercial buildings over recent years. Their convenience and safety have contributed significantly to this surge of adoption; automatic door openers play an essential role in these systems, enabling automatic operations of doors.

This Blog will highlight the advantages of automatic sliding door openers for commercial buildings.

1. Convenience and Accessibility

Automatic sliding door openers offer numerous advantages to users. By making access to buildings easier and accessible for those who require assistance or who are disabled, automatic door openers allow people to enter and exit without physically opening or closing a door – an especially significant benefit when entering or leaving independently from within a building.

2. Automatic Sliding Door Openers Can Improve Traffic Flow

Automatic sliding door openers can also help commercial buildings to increase traffic flow by expediting the entry and exit of visitors quickly and effortlessly without having to wait for someone else to manually open their doors – helping reduce congestion in high-traffic areas such as entryways and hallways.

3. Automatic Sliding Door Openers and Improve Energy Efficiency

Automatic sliding door openers can play an essential part in improving the energy efficiency of buildings. By closing after someone enters or leaves the building, automatic door openers help protect conditioned air from escaping into the atmosphere – helping reduce energy costs and improving the overall sustainability of a structure.

4. Automatic Sliding Door Openers Can Increase Safety

Automatic sliding door openers can greatly improve the safety of any commercial building. When used, doors can be programmed to open and close at specific speeds to help avoid accidents or injuries from opening too fast or too slowly, and safety sensors may detect when someone or something blocks its path and prevent it from shutting automatically.

5. Customizable Designs

Automatic sliding door openers come in various designs and styles that can be customized to match the aesthetic of any building, giving building owners the option to select an automatic door opener that not only fulfills functional needs but also adds to its overall appearance and design.


Automatic sliding door openers offer numerous advantages for commercial buildings, such as convenience, improved traffic flow, energy efficiency, enhanced safety, and customizable design. If you are interested in installing an Automatic Door Slider system in your commercial building, Contact BMTS Folding & Automatic Doors for expert advice and installation services – they have the ideal automatic door opener to meet all your specific needs and requirements!

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