Glass Balustrades

The elegant aesthetics of glass balustrades on staircases have gained enormous popularity due to their practicality and elegance. They offer many safety benefits, especially when combined with Aluminum Door Sliding systems of high quality and Aluminum Glass Doors. We will examine the benefits to safety of adding glass balustrades in your staircases.

Glass Balustrades

1. Enhance Visibility

Visibility is the key to safety. The traditional staircases that have solid walls or balustrades can create blind spots and obscure the view, which increases accidents. The glass balustrades allow for unobstructed views of the staircase. Transparency reduces collisions and mistakes, which makes staircases safer.

2. Natural Light Diffusion

Balustrades made of glass allow natural light to freely flow through the area. It not only illuminates the stairwell but also reduces the requirement for extra lighting in the daytime. The right lighting reduces the chance of falling and tripping, improving safety.

3. Children’s Safety

Safety is of paramount importance for households that have children. The glass balustrade is a barrier that protects without taking away from the beauty of the staircase. Glass surfaces are smooth and make it harder for kids to climb. This reduces the chance of an accident or injury. Balustrades are often made of tempered glass which is extremely durable and resistant to shattering. This increases child safety.

4. Durability and low maintenance

They are also very durable. They are usually made of tempered glass or toughened, which resists cracking and breaking. The durability of your balustrades ensures they will last for years with little maintenance. With high-quality sliding aluminum doors and glass, your staircase will remain safe and attractive for many years.

5. Simple Cleaning

It is important to keep the environment clean and free of hazards. Balustrades made of glass are very easy to maintain and clean. A regular wipe with a glass cleaner will usually suffice to maintain their pristine appearance. The ease with which they can be cleaned contributes to creating a safe, hygienic environment.

6. Codes of Building Regulations

Many building codes and standards require that staircases be fitted with specific safety features. When installed properly, glass balustrades meet most of these standards and codes. Expert installation, like that of BMTS, (known for their expertise in sliding aluminum doors and glass aluminum doors) ensures compliance with local building codes. This enhances safety and avoids potential legal issues.

7. Minimal Tripping Hazards

The traditional wooden and metal balustrades can have protruding or decorative parts that may create trip hazards. The sleek, minimalist design of glass balustrades reduces the chance that clothing or bags will catch or get caught on them. They are therefore ideal for areas with high traffic.

8. Architectural Integration

Glass balustrades blend seamlessly into a variety of architectural styles. Glass balustrades are available in a variety of styles to match any staircase, whether it is part of an industrial or commercial facility if you want them customized. With the correct aluminum sliding door and aluminum glass doors, both safety and aesthetics can be achieved.


When designing staircases in public or private spaces, safety is of primary importance. In conjunction with aluminum sliding doors and high-quality glass, the use of glass balustrades is a popular choice for modern interior design. Glass balustrades offer a range of safety benefits, including enhanced visibility, child safety, durability, ease of maintenance, and compliance with the building code.

BMTS is the company to turn to when you need glass balustrades. BMTS is known for the quality and expertise it provides in creating beautiful and safe staircases. BMTS combines safety with aesthetics.

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